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Start the face expression.


Contains scripts to run the face expressions. At the moment only runs locally.



Instantiated Modules

./conf/emotions.ini: parameters passed to the emotionInterface module.
./conf/serialport.ini: parameters passed to the serial device.

Example Instantiation of the Module

Run and execute through gyarpmanager .

There are two applications:

If you are using the simulator edit and customize appSim.xml.template .

Now from any machine you can rpc to the port "/icub/face/emotions/in" and send high level commands.

set mou <cmd> - set an expression in the mouth subsystem
set eli <cmd> - set an expression in the eye-lids subsystem
set leb <cmd> - set an expression in the left eyebrow subsystem
set reb <cmd> - set an expression in the right eyebrow subsystem
set all <cmd> - set an expression in the whole system

The several <cmd> are described in file emotions.ini (see below). You can define your own.

You can also send raw commands to the low level driver.

set raw S04
set raw L03
set raw R05
set raw M04

Alternatively you can run:

./ demonstates the face expressions, cycle randomly through a set of expressions.
Lorenzo Natale and Alex Bernardino

Copyright (C) 2008 RobotCub Consortium

CopyPolicy: Released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.0.

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